You are not born with the attributes….the seeds are well planted in need of much nurturing…but what happens when with all the good…. comes the unintentional Life grows & takes the wrong route…a botanist decides to make a hybrid But the experiment goes badly wrong..inside of every superman is indecisive, unimaginable,incomprehensible….. what was innocence is no longer… jaws drag…….what was sharp intuition becomes a dull implement ……..the new happiness is depression suddenly its December & here comes’s decided we are making America great again….. when in truth nothing was wrong to begin with.. suicide is the cure for the common cold or the meaningless life while the all Dr say who me ?….make the World great again…so the New World Order takes the passenger car & makes into a deadly weapon…….. where are we as a Society when people are disposable like flies..When guns are worn in a holster..its now NRA Country.. Trust wears a mask, becomes a guess and is now an issue that must be dealt with

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