Quotes From The Professional Cannon

(Today are only Quotes from The Professional Cannon, no poems just words in which…..

For you to read in hopes you a word or two

So that these quotes might just might give you

insight to this world of mine)

” Emotions are the distant lands waiting to be



“Without the all of life my heart would not

be the all it could be”


“The tears we know can be the wrongs of life

Yet life is always wrong”


To believe one’s self is to know to know where

“I” belongs

When you know when this occurs you’re no longer

dancing with the shadows

Your “I” doesn’t live in helltown and your

friends are not the darkers from whence you

thought it all began”


“One’s self is more than just a book to read,

for each time you read, you’ll find something

you’ve missed from the time you once began”


To look outside yourself first you must see

whose joy is showing, just to know which one

of your friends is in need of that joy you are



“Not to wish, not to dream, but to be,

this being of mine, is me, what a relief to


5 thoughts on “Quotes From The Professional Cannon

  1. If only so I wish I had a whole to bury in that’s how deep I feel today
    It’s The Professional Cannon thats profound, he’s the one I am just his mouth piece to expound on how he feels

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