Quotes Of The Professional Cannon

“A young mind can be a prisoner before it knows it has been captured”


“When I close my eyes, I can see all those fingers asking me what is your point”


“If you weigh the value of your intelligence, against the value the of the world would put on it. The two would never equate”


The Vowel Sydrome

“I before you accept after me”


5 thoughts on “Quotes Of The Professional Cannon

  1. I have spent quality time on your blog, Sheldon. I have ended today here with these quotes and as I go home I am taking them along to continue to reflect on them.Thanks for sharpening my mind with your posts. The great plus of your site is the shortness of your post. You are gifted in putting your message across in very few words. It makes it easy for readers to stay on for a good time and to read many of your posts. I am earning to make short posts too; and sometimes I succeed; but sometimes I am still very long. From the inspiration I have drawn from your blog, I shall see if I can make my next post very short.Have a great day loving Sharon!

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