What do tell the child

When they ask why

Its not like when you

Grew up,the questions

Are more complicated

The child grows faster

Has a inquisitive mind

The whole natural order

of  LIFE has change

those would be

Simple questions deserver

A more substantial answer

We grasp for those invisible

Straws, carefully choosing

Our words to describe

All the while knowing

That you too want an

Answer,but deep down

Where truth resides

Become knots that are

Impossible, oh if only……

So you see we’ve hit

The inevitable wall

Where truth is the only

Answer and life is

Now painted orange

Which Is now the





3 thoughts on “R-W-B

  1. So true…I remember, as a child I never got satisfactory answers to my questions…some have remained unanswered thus far. Interesting post and such a lovely illustration too.xx

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