R W Way

It has to be at least 2 days since I’ve been on here every time I’d tried today I ended up deleting
My highs have been high and my lows have been….with a cherry of pain on top of the whip cream of life.
Thank God for these two new Dr I have they have officially said to me it’s now ok for me to be crazy just as long as I’m not a harm to myself or others,what a relief this has been and I have finally have something for pain,I’ve missed you guys but I can’t always talk about the fight or the army of the few
There’s always more
But the muscle spasms
Are ungodly right now
As Yours Affectionately
Roger WrongWay

4 thoughts on “R W Way

  1. Sounds like you have found some good doctors Sheldon. Pain can drive anybody crazy and that’s understandable. Having an outlet for your thoughts and emotions is valuable. Writing is therapeutic whether you delete or publish. I frequently start a piece and never finish.

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