Radio Waves


It’s been a while or at least it feels that way

My mind and body are fighting the inflammation

With this new medicine being my new protector

My skin is slowly changing,coming back from the

Plaque and the pain,I wore shorts yesterday second

Time in two weeks,what a freedom I forgot all about

My mind and body is fighting the inflammation some-

Times winning and I’m too sick to move,i waited or

I was too stubborn to take this medicine had too

Many what if,I wasn’t ready,I much rather play

The fool,play the person in pain,the victim of

Not the person with,I am still fighting the sickness

And the words weren’t winning now they seem to

Have found there voice,do understand that when

You play the victim,you loose the rights of being

A person,you loose your patience,your left with

Your voice calling out your number when they ask who’s next

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