Each of us have defining moments in our lives,hopefully these are memorable,yet life takes as well as give,what is supposed to be   sometime becomes a nightmare    you are left these……for the rest of your like……Even a dog cries in its sleep, hopefully what you experience is a teachable moment  unfortunately life can be harsh and cruel, I’ve been to these cross roads these roads that bill character,leaving you with a teachable moment

4 thoughts on “Ready,steady,go

  1. This brought me to tears. I’ve written thoughts so similar to these. But your words are filled with wisdom and years I don’t have. “Life takes as well as gives”…. does do that doesn’t it?
    You know..I call the very tragic moments..tipping points. I used to think I survived by luck. I am beginning to now realize..only now..years later..that it was by sheer determination and strength that I survived. My life was never the same. I can even say they taught me lessons. Some of this I learned from you. I am so very blessed to know you, Sheldon. Thank you for that..xx

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