Refried Bacon

(This one is for my oldest and best friend Jw,we spent many a day with a vanilla coke at a place called Mapes

in downtown Narberth)

Refried bacon

Is the turkey club

that hit me

The acid in my throat

That only I knew

to be good

The vanilla coke

at the soda fountain

that no longer exists

In downtown Narberth

In the uptown mood

Higher prices

Less food

Refried bacon

Beaten by that

turkey club

With the acid

only I understood

9 thoughts on “Refried Bacon

  1. Mmmmm, refried bacon! I keep kosher now, but I didn’t always. One time I was on a ketogenic diet, which helped my bipolar a lot, and since one of my symptoms is that I just don’t care about food, I lived pretty much on bacon and strawberries. And whipped cream. Hell, I’d eat refried bacon WITH whipped cream if it came down to it! Take care, Sheldon

  2. How’s it going Laura
    How are you feelin
    I’ve been tryin
    But today sucks
    The weather here is a killer
    It’s been raining all day
    Oh Laura
    Lookin for my laura
    The Sheldon Perspective

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