rocky raccoon

20170913_085015w. We are all feeling this angst,its just that a lot of us can’t express it,no one is denying the fact that if you stop and think that life sucks,well,well,well…….
Yes we have a carrot top living in a white house and he doesn’t know his potency,or his own strengths
But to listen to that stuff day in and day out, skipping record repeatingly repete= God How I Hate My Life………this is a very old problem racism,bigotry,hate,as old as man,as a fart is dust in the wind,dissension amongst the ranks, an insignificant piece of humanity bordering on the bridges of ignorance,now I ask you why are you soooooooooooooooooooooooo depressed

4 thoughts on “rocky raccoon

  1. Sheldon yes. I’ve been pondering this for days again now. I love your writing. All of it. Much love my friend. I know I’m late..I catch up sometimes…xx

  2. I just get so
    There are times lately I have to sit
    In complete silence
    No radio no tv
    Just Me and the spirits trying as we will to Change
    The subject
    I call it reseting the clock
    It seems as though to be,working

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