Room with a view


Let me say this

And hopefully

You’ll all understand

I am fighting as hard

As one can,but this

Constant pain,is like

Having an itchy trigger

Finger,that’s at the ready

To shoot,this just didn’t

Start it’s been going on

For over a year,that I’ve

Been behind the eight

Ball trying to eye up

Each of my shots,whaazoo

A week ago I was in the

Hospital again,Friday I

Fought with Dr,I have to

Deliberate everyday

Seeing what I can &

Cannot do,this is my

Life now my insides

Are a mess, my nose

Has a big hole in it

I had a cat scan on

Thursday just about

Everyday I deal with

Someone telling me no

Yes I’m depressed but

I’ve been that way most

Of my life,before all……

But I’m still functioning

Those of you who think

They know something

I don’t about what I should

Or shouldn’t be doing


I am a man made

Of iron a little more

Rusty than I like

But I can still some

What kick the can

3 thoughts on “Room with a view

  1. Sheldon
    I hope the CT Scan will finally answer the question. You have been in treatment with your stomach for a year or close. If they don’t have answers along with a plan. Maybe it’s time to get a new Gastro …whatever you need. This has gone on to log and your still suffering. You’re to you to let fixable problem pull you down.
    Big Bug

  2. You shed your soul, you skin, every time you empty yourself here, a fight is worth the battle, an ending is worth the glory, to say I lived, to say I tried, to say I fought, the glory of becoming and accepting what we have in front of us. Your words hide your strength, your strength fuels your fire.

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