Run on


There is quiet pain

I’m not calling out

For understanding

I am looking for

A way for me

To understand

Why at this time

I am free falling

Down this black

Hole,a separation

Between my body

And mind,an amicable

Agreement each going

To mutual corners until

Each can figure what’s

Best,it’s a quiet pain

I am trying so hard

Not to let this rip me

But it’s a snowball

rolling down

a hill and it won’t stop

It’s redundant again

And again an obsession

My Mind is looping

Around and around

All consuming I

have taken a back

seat and I wait and wait

I’ve lost precious time

From Dr to Dr I live

Through someone

Else’s eyes while

My glasses are on

The top of my head

And I can’t remember

Why I walk into the

Room,now I remember

Why it’s life 101 I

am not prepared

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