Sea of eternity


Never a time to write

Never a time to read

Never a time to be

The seas of life is

A body unto it’s waters

There is no greater

Reward for efforts

Time moves to its

Own rhythm,we get

Impatient,we begin

To think we are alone

In our quest,yet the seas

Would not if it wasn’t

For our body’s,no efforts

Go without its reward

Life is in your lungs

All you must do is breathe

4 thoughts on “Sea of eternity

  1. You have got it sorted…if only all we had to do and be satisfied with our lot was ; breathe. The thought of eternity is a difficult one, I often put aside for another day! Beautiful words my friend, never understand how they come to you so seemingly easily.

  2. Your profound poem reminds me of a state our brains experience at the sight of bodies of water. It’s called “Blue Mind,” and is similar to a meditative state in which we feel a sense of tranquility and peace at the sight, smell, and touch of water.

    I loved your poem, Shel. It relaxes and inspires me.

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