20 thoughts on “Critical Eye

    1. “surgery” and “exploratory” are words one rarely wishes to combine. As the Greeks here in the States say, καλή δύναμις, or “good strength / potential / possibility / power”. Keep us updated.

  1. S
    Hope they didn’t jab you to much today. I get bent when someone wants to just look around. I’ve had my feel. Having Cancer at 28 along with surgery and Brain surgery at 33, no cancer, just a plate and lots of staples. You’re feeling good I hope. The worst/best for my stomach/esophagus issues was an colonoscopy. It’s getting ready for that’s the worst. Without a single cut except a few samples, I knew all the problems, many but Protonix helps with that.
    I’m lost in cyberspace, no email for over two days, I am so close/ so far away. I hope enjoyed the Stones on Monday.

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