This story has been shelved for a very long time. I feel a need to bring out to share with you all. So for your reading pleasure I give SEGAL

Segal was lying in bed. He knew it had been a long hard journey. One that has spanned a lifetime. Now time has begun to slow down. The room Segal is in is white. The kind of white that when Segal was a child, he was not allowed to touch because this room was for company  and not for play. These images of mind were not the ones Segal wanted. Segal needed feelings of peace and happiness. Segal could not focus on these feelings for they were pushed so far back in Segal’s mind that Segal could not remember them.This mind’s end was not Segal’s choice, it was time.

Segal begins to sweat. Not just from his brow, but it pours out of Segal as though Segal has turned on the internal faucet. Segal wonder how and when and not the why of his mind. Segal was not only seeing and feeling, Segal was the being of the soul cold mind.

”MR. Segal”, the voice says. Segal does answer. ” MR. Segal , are you coherent?.’ ”Yes, but my name is just Segal.” ”What, you do not have a last name?”  Segal replies, ”No, not that I can remember.” “MR Segal , there were no papers of identification in your room. Why, MR. Segal, were there no papers?” Segal snaps, ”What are you talking  about? Papers, what papers?” “Well, MR. Segal, what is your date of birth?” ”I told you my name is Segal. Just Segal, O. K.?” “MR. Segal, do you know what day it is?” Segal says nothing. ‘ MR Segal, you must give me some more answers so I know what to tell…..” ” Tell who?” Segal becomes confused.  ” Where am I?” “MR Segal , the importance of where you are is not the issue, but I will tell you this. You are at the holding center.” “What you talking about?”Segal asks, “What is the holding center?” “Well, MR Segal when you were found…. ”



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