Segal/The Gates of Uncertainty/2of6

Segal breaks in,”I know what is going on. I know where I am at. It’s just I feel….” “Yes Mr. Segal,what is it you are the feeling?” “Listen”, Segal says,”first, my name is not Mr. Segal and the second, if this is my state of mind turned inside out I would like a little more control over the situation.” “Mr. Segal, you are out of your jurisdiction. You have relinquished all your rights just by the fact that when you were found….” Segal angrily replies,” who found me?” “Well Mr. Segal, it’s not for me to say just yet. I need more information.” “Listen, who ever you are, I told you my name. What else is there?”=All of a sudden there is dead silence. Segal thinks to himself. A voice, not a person, four walls of white and no windows. He looks up, “where the hell is the door? No I am not kidding. Is this the other side of my mind? Could it be time? Is this what is called the gates of uncertainty or will I wake up from this to find my mind again?” Segal falls fast asleep waiting for his mind to keep. Only time well tell. Will this mare stay or will it go back from whence it came?

Segal was white-knuckling his threads to life which bind his mind, body,and soul. Segal knew that his strongest quality was his backbone. For him this translated to mean his spirit. Segal’s will did have a way in some matters of life. Yet, Segal’s basic instinct was to serve, demand and protect the rite to survive. Segal knew why he was being called to the gates of uncertainty because for the most of his years he had wander aimlessly. Now, when Segal’s will no longer stands in his way, he was brought to his mind’s end. He had to go past the gates of uncertainty. Segal feels the uneasiness of the situation. His mind begins to stir, causing him to wake. Segal has questions for which Segal has no answers.

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