Evil stood behind me

Tapping my shoulder

Waiting patiently

An important component

Was missing,BLUE HOURS


I could taste the EVIL

As though EVIL was

An important ingredient


That metallic taste on

The back of my tongue

Heart burn was a constant

As the ant-acid were my

Tums,EVIL found me even

though I wasn’t looking

A concoction mixed with anxiety

Again I repeated the measures

A shot was the sound of the……

What ever the trigger was

I felt comfortable ENOUGH

ENOUGH to be it’s numb

I am the all



Knew It’s place amongst the bottles

Once brought

Possession was 1/10th short of a LITER


  1. Whoa..what do I think? A lot going on..on different levels for you in this is what I think…all wrapped up in one piece and connected with your art work above. But it’s deeper than that. You’ve told more than one story here…
    Stay strong Sheldon..find your way home…xxx

  2. I was dogging deep
    I was hoping that it was
    A kind of piece that
    Every time it was read
    That the reader would
    Get something different
    It sounds as though that’s
    What you thought
    Thank you CC

  3. Yes..i got something different the three times I read it. It’s definitely very deep. I always get something for myself as well..of course. Always Sheldon xx

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