Shoo fly


No one knows better than the” i”

How to love someone by pushing them

Away,the “i” calls it something else maybe,possibly, could it be satobage

When your strong you instinctively want to stand alone yet emotionally you rather push them away,rather than getting to close,to show your handle,that tell,that says you have a winning hand,dame if you do and dame if you don’t,it’s a catch 22

All is well in Ellsworth, love is just a pie that can’t be cut into more than 8 slices

Just enough for a sugar buzz,just enough to say no,I’ve had enough

The one emotion that can stand by

Their bake,The love shoo fly pie

4 thoughts on “Shoo fly

  1. guilty here for pushing loved ones away : ( what ever the underlying problem is/was rather it be pain or illnesses … sometimes I push just so that I can be alone but really don’t want to be alone but don’t want anyone to see me crying or hurting… when asked how I am doing I tell dad I am hanging in there… or ruff ruff lol…but don’t go into details…
    it sure is a catch 22…

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