My friend and fellow blogger Semra Polar, has a site

Her post 5/4

Why do we shout in anger

I could not leaving this alone I have been thinking about this ever since

Then it came to me rite before I woke this morning

We shout because you can’t visualize in your mind what someone is doing as far as their actions or their way of thinking

You believe they in your opinion they are doing whatever wrong

It’s almost a defense mechanism because you are feeling that your beliefs are being challenged

It turns into an argument rather then a discussion

4 thoughts on “Shouting

  1. Nice Sheldon. Semra offers peace and reflection across the global divide and regardless of our beliefs we can have discussions about the positive message she offers. What a great thought it is to think the people of the world can unite on a common belief in peace and the shouting across oceans can calm down a bit. It starts with the discussions, like your’s here.

  2. We often personalize things and feel offended when no offence was intended. We tried to apply a mantra of ‘assume good intent’ in my old firm. If you can’t see the person face to face it is worse as you lose the body language. I shout when I am driving. I’m afraid the stupidity and lack of consideration of other road users means I need an outlet 🙂

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