Its the small stuff.
The insignificant that if you would  blink
You could miss ,its  not winning the lottery,its the unexpected smile
You weren’t looking for,or that casual conversation,the down right small stuff that take you to a whole other place of peace,i am talking
A tear from the inside,that speaks and says I know I got your back
We all need these signs of simple to say you are going in the right direction, just slow that mind of yours down,we see you coming
This is what matters most to me,i am a survivor, a fighter,and trust me
If I can see it I can believe it  and if that’s my strength than get out of my way
Cause there ain’t no mountain high enough that I won’t try to climbself portrait
This my self portrait^^^
someday I will take a better picture of it
Sheldon Kleeman© 2016

18 thoughts on “Smalls

  1. Just keep your head above the swirling water. Think of it as a whirlpool bath for which you would pay a great sum. Your life is engulfing you but is that a bad thing? I think not. You are surviving and wise enough to know it is the small things that keep you afloat. I so enjoy water. ~~dru~~

    1. I am using everything I have to keep my head above water
      it has taken so long to understand that there is only
      One true answer
      And that is life
      Thank you all for your support and encouragement

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