Smoked Mirrors

Smoke and mirrored glass

Despection is in my house

While all the while

my mind is swollen

from the pain

I can’t  stand the

shape I’m in

But I can’t seem

to stop it either

I am so confused

till I can’t relaxed

enough to sleep

Smoke and mirrored glass

My sleep is haunted

by the demon pills

A toilet mind

is a toilet flushed

To take another pill

is to smoke a glass

in a reflection of

a mirrored mind once


22 thoughts on “Smoked Mirrors

  1. Pain, both mental and physical, is a very old acquaintance of mine; can’t call it a friend. I sense another consistenty tormented soul writing…. Fear not; true freedom is the release from pain; in my experience, pain always passes, if we endure, whereupon freedom becomes a new-again gift…

    I believe I got sent over to see your work by Thumbup, and liked whatever I saw…. which, when you left a comment over on ECR, confused me a bit, until I came back to check out the About page…. I like your art, so, I’ll be back, though perhaps not often…. I’m limited in surfing time, due to physical constraints, but, will eventually show up…. When I do, I usually will comment, unless Thumper’s Mom’s Rule applies…

    See ya ’round WP….

    gigoid, the dubious


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  2. OOOOooooo Sheldon, I keep trying to “follow” you but nothing seems to happen, so finally tonight I saw that to follow you I must go to my reader. HaH! Anyway, I very much enjoy what I’ve seen so far so will come back somehow. Who knows I might even learn to use my Reader….. Yours in Faith and Happiness…….NOT! ~~dru~~~
    ps Where is Thumb, I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish, I haven’t got a bone of creativity…good word… maybe a sliver but I’ll be here or there or far thee well. ~~dru~~

        Well until we meet on the other side, don’t actually believe in that but hell it plays well.

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