Smokin if you…..

To walk in man shoes
You’ve got to walk a lot
Yea depending  on the
year of that man
I would say it’s a life
I’ve seen a lot
Maybe to much
But what I’ve seen
You can’t read about
You can’t go to school to learn
A man once told me
standing at my front door
Give me my money
Or I’ll tear off your arm
Oh Yea
& he said if I didn’t
come up with the cash
He beat me with my own arm
To walk in another man’s shoes
Is more than just
someone’s  life
It’s a lifetime  of
being yourself
& not caring
who knows you
So now it’s 10pm
2 more it will 12am
For me that’s a month
& not only a month
But one less smoke in my hand

17 thoughts on “Smokin if you…..

  1. So sorry to hear
    You have surface blood vessels
    In your head, hands, feet
    That’s why so much pain
    You need clove oil,tea tree oil, gargle with warm water
    Take care you are in my prayers

  2. Thank you Lady D
    Yes we did
    I’ve always been this way
    And I’m not stoppin till they decide to shut off the electricity
    Take care of Stephen
    Love his work

  3. I’m ecstatic for you, Sheldon and wish you more months and eventually years of filling your lungs with fresh air. Breathe easy, dear Sheldon, and keep writing down those raw and honest words.

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