14 thoughts on “Snowed Under

  1. Here in my neck of the woods, it’s just been cold, cold rain. . . I think I might prefer the snow! The ice-cold rain has a way of seeping through to the bones. Ugh! All the best to you w/blessings!

  2. We will await your return to WP 🙂 My sister (in the DC area) is still waiting for a snow plow to come down her street – my brother-in-law had to literally hike through snow to go get some milk and bread! Take good care and be careful!

  3. Well, maybe all that shoveling will keep you fit. Hmm… I’m finding it a bit hard to think of anything else positive to say about being buried under a mountain of snow.

  4. it’s all storms, storms, floods and storms here. i have to say i enjoy when the weather gets nasty.. it’s when i feel a little more normal! winter is when staying in your house is the normal thing to do

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