20171210_022547How could be that simple
That same face i stare at every Sunday morning. It didn’t come in way that asked for. so why So why would. A change is a of command. Now would you. Come on with you
You ain’t been 5 mins
Capital one is all
Over you,agent minster man
Come on its mom birthday
Its her Christmas
Lets just do this
Will talk later
Is she bleeding
Oh ya everyday
Lets just do this
Its Christmas
Just this once
One. Last time
Just little,bit
Or until sender
Remember the last one
The 3 bimbo rule
if you get caught
With Nude w/2 its
Were on
The rat roses
And is that time
When called comes
Be it rat’s tail
That Death
Be it head
When the story
Starts till it
The rats tail
Some one has too

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