I just heard that one of the greatest music and song  writers of my time had suffered a stroke a month or two ago her name is Joni Mitchell

How sad for she turn many who listen to music

like it was never heard before

There were so many who she brought along too

many to name

So with that I have written………

” Spark”

What more of an indication do

we need to say life is short

Then to hear that Joni Mitchell

had a stroke

A person who turned music

on its ear

and change the voice

of a generation

She told many

stories with

her voice

And wrote most

of what she sang

Yes life is short

and if you get

in its way

it will take

you by the hand

Yes we are all

waiting and holding

our breath

And for some way before…….

But what purpose can be

serve to silence

a voice before

their time

If you never heard her sing please go and check her out its worth your time and energy

It will definitely change ……….

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