Larger then life

Those finger

Authority tower

Over my head

What was 1+1

I near shit my

Pants,I had a

Better chance

Making noise

Than answering

The question

It seem everything

Was Pb&j,or a blackboard

Red Cross shoes

Gray hair,and

I with a lazy eye

All the woman

Were Statues of

Liberty & knew

more than……

Waiting to be


It seem to me

I was always

One step behind

Sweaty palms

I just didn’t

Know the


Between a

Pencil or a pen

Somehow I made

Through by the

Skin of my teeth

I am was

that Child of


A fascination

With those black

Felt blocks

Full of chalk

Dust, at recess I

waiting to

See what team

I would be on,but

Being last was not

A game, it became

The school of

Hard knocks

Putting my thumb

And finger together

It was the smallest

Violin,there wasn’t

purposeĀ Or given


It was the law you

Had to go to school



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