StainRosesBroken Windows

The dam had finally broke,the walls couldn’t take the pressured it made its own path taking all prisoners and showing no mercy for once the internal waters start,the rest are left to become cesspools. pointing figures and saying no was the signal I needed breathing air,,,,…with that resounding no ,sitting comfortable was just enough ,……,working became easier as perfection was symptom of the dis-ease it was the one thing I could do,functioning at a very high level was a smoke screen…I had learned early on As to how much more I could or couldn’t, I just didn’t know what else w/0 proper damage control
embracing the words were thrones in my side. As the leaches sucked what blood was left leaving the Pain in the wake of my disaster…to dot the eyes and cross the tees signing on the line is not as easy as, relin-
quishing my freedom is the final white room with only one key

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