How do you explain trauma when that experience get lodged in your mind   to the point where this experience wind up getting lost   it becomes consuming taking its position as obsession & rumination    what happens if trauma keeps happening where the faces change but the pain is the same   once your face is slapped the sting will remain for a very long time   you hear the laughter but there isn’t a joke  only the cries and whispers where all you want is to breathe & the keys to freedom


6 thoughts on “Stillwaters

  1. Dear Sheldon, I’m so sorry to read of these events that have metastasized into such pain. I’m dealing with a significant other with what I imagine is similar to what you described: longterm PTSD from childhood. Through he is now finding that everyone did not live like he did. Understanding from friends and family who may have witnessed the tip of the iceberg is hard won. Apologies for not noticing are numbing for him. I’ve been encouraging talk therapy, because that is all I know.

    People suggested meditation, yoga, journaling and psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy sounds scary and trauma inducing. I guess understanding it yourself is the hardest part, much less dense family members.

    You are processing all this, which is good.
    You can describe it, which is doubly good.
    Your art reflects it as well, making you a triple threat. 🙂
    Healing I don’t know enough about.
    Saying it takes a lifetime
    feels like a life sentence.
    We all have varying degrees of trauma
    All felonies, no misdemeanors.
    The shame is the perpetrators
    serve almost no time at all.

    You’re getting there.
    We’re on our way together.
    God love the internet!

    Have a good morning.
    I’m going outside to dig in the dirt.

  2. Exactly Sheldon, this is why we write, …I’ve found it to be my best form of release, and self therapy…. I’m with you…. however I can’t keep up…..

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