Stories of Mr. Cannon


His dreams turns his nite into his worst fears, his mind will not be still. In his dream he is walking down a road, darkness surrounds him.He comes upon a house, there are no lites on, it seems as though the house has four stories. He doesn’t think he knows it, but he senses a familiarity to it. But it’s so dark that he can’t tell if he has been there before. He wants to wake but the house calls in cries and whispers. His fears are heightened. He feels his stance is frozen, he starts to cry out, he wants to run. The house cries even louder, someone or thing is caught inside the the house,now he hears the whispers turn to laughter.All of a sudden he begins to shake,now there are more voices. Try as he does to wake he is still frozen sleep. The laughter gets even louder,I got you my friend, I got you, now do see why they call the lord of the floor. I dare to go where most fear. You just try me again, you push me if you can, you will see,Don’t forget I’m your worst nightmare

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