T -Minus#



Doesn’t mean quite


Doesn’t mean peace of mind

I am climbing but I have


I’ve tested positive for “TB”


Now from what I understand

It’s complicated cause of

My psoriasis

More tests and a lot of patience

I just don’t know yet

it’s treatable,and it sucks

20 thoughts on “T -Minus#

  1. Don’t want to raise your hopes my dear but some things do trigger false positives. My brother-in-law must get Xray to prove he can practice at his hospitals because he test positive due to a vaccine he received as a kid. HANG IN THERE, it is curable. ~~dru~~

  2. I’m with Harrie, Sheldon – just can’t hit the “like” button on this. Take care. Be strong… and weak is okay too. Just get through to the other side. Lean on your creative mind like you do so well. Best wishes.

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