Take a#

The pain
The  vulnerability
How do we understand
What goes beyond
The obvious
People rather speak
Rather than in the factual
It’s as though is an abstract
Painting and everyone
Has a different opinion
Pain is standing room
And what you’ve
Paid for was to sit down
It’s a playmate
That really does want to play
Or cares about the rules
This pain is a test that
You didn’t prepare for
There’s no class on pain
The vulnerability
The pain
What makes the
Achilles Heel
So exposed
That the pain
Knows where to go
The anxiety and the panic
The tormention
The frustration
The screams
That no one can hear you
Accept the place in your head

I’m tired
I’ve had it with Dr
With rude receptionists 
Telling what I can and can’t do
This stuff
Of being out of the game is
killing me
I am getting stronger
It’s just taking so long
“Let me have my rant”
“My obsession is my possession
And it’s costing me more
Than the dollar amount”

12 thoughts on “Take a#

  1. I too am tired…..ooo So…So…Tired.
    My pain is my frustration and my frustration is my pain
    My whole body aches but for no reason.
    I want for sleep but cannot close my eyes.
    Sheldon the last four lines of your verse are fantastic and can stand alone.
    I grant you your rant as I’m in a queenly mood. ~~dru~~

  2. I am going tomorrow to see the Dr
    I had a long talk with someone in his office today
    It seems I had pulled enough on this person’s heart strings
    We shall see
    Thank you my friend

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