Tall Buildings


What can you say

What is there to say

Being sensible takes

Sensibility, which now

A days is not as common

As it once was,words get

Lost when they appear

In the way,two ships

Passing in the night

Laughing at each other

Booth with a cause,both

Knowingly having a bases

For their disagreement

Words get in the way

When their opinion stands

Stronger in nature,than

The words standing on

There own,years of

Friendship are lost

Civil is no longer a kin

Distant relatives, when

Said by themselves,I stand

Alone now better than group

Participation, what can be,a year

This keeps repeating itself

Which is why you can go senseless

My email is messed up

My body isn’t full of itself

Movements is over rated

In cause we trust,in hope

There,that’s why there

is a wing with a chaser prayer



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