Tanks giving


No one ever made any promises

Life doesn’t come with a warning label

You have to know how much

If any promises were made I can’t recall

You only remember what is convenient

Mother was as good as she understood how

Father was as distant the island shore

I was the lone survivor

Shipwreck in isolation

Promises keep you alive

Only for you to make them to yourself

I had what I needed

I took what I could get

In the end I was told I be taken care of

But as far as anyone was concerned

Taken care of meant to be left alone

We’re never satisfied

Love is always the bottom line

To one’s self is just as important

To one another

I was told I would be watched over

But as much as I feel

I still miss the one love I wish I had

Mom and Dad

6 thoughts on “Tanks giving

  1. O CRAP, you send me on such a downward spiral into myself. NO ONE MADE ANY PROMISES. All we ultimately have is ourselves…or god if you’re (not me) so inspired. EAT some PIE and think of me. ~~dru~~

    The rest is all in the past, present, future, oblivion. Don’t go there unless you must. AS Always your friend ~dru~

  2. The love from our parents…
    It’s the one love
    that nothing else replaces.
    It’s the one love
    that makes all the others worthwhile.
    It’s the one love
    that sets a foundation for who we are.
    It’s the one love
    we search for til the day we die.

    This one really hits home!

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