I’ve been hanging out in the world of pain for to long,last nite I got so low I wasn’t sure which end should be sitting up.I was high all over again and let me tell you it’s not a place I want to visit again.

Why I let myself go there I’m not sure, I thought I could ride out the pain,but what I found was I could not,I woke up today a different man,I am so

grateful that I did,one more day of this,I’m not sure I would survive,I prayed last nite for the lite of reason,thank the gods for listening

Many blessings for those who listened, many blessings for those who encourage to stay positive

and to remain focused

To all I say thank you and may you find the strength in times if need

As always Sheldon

11 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. Sheldon, no need to reply on the last comment I made on my blog, since I’ve just read this. I should have come here first before asking any questions 😉 Peace

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