That Nite

I thought it was alcohol
it didnt matter what kind
Just if it got me
where i needed to……
I thought it was alcohol
but why was it so smooth
and went down just as
easy as it was
Come to find out
someone had made
it down South
Maybe thats why
it was in a plastic
gallon jug
Now to say was this it
or where i had wanted
to be,well thats just
the alcohol sayin
drink up
I had been told
you could drink
yourself sober
to the point
of not being
But i took
to this shine like
a duck to its water
except mine was tange
cause it was just a little sweeter
There was gas in my mind
and fuel in my car
Next thing i knew
i was driving
down the shore
We did it like that
the casinos were new
Me in my little yellow
plymouth with an am radio
with only one station
Down the pike
swaying from side to side
Looked in the rear view
mirror saw the flashing
red lights
He said pull over
gave me a soberity test
And what do you think
Its like i said
I had drank myself sober
To this day Moonshine
is what i do at nite
looking at the stars
Just asking
and wondering
Why i never…….

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