The City

There is a comradery in the city unlike no where else  A spirit not found in the out skirts beyond  People found enjoyment in the littlest things  It goes way pass and beyond the obvious  So that a stick and a ball became a game   Even though the houses are stacked upon one another each one is different

When I was growing up  I had a lot of friends who

lived in the city  So I was privileged to get to taste the city in ways that only one heard about

Of those tastes I got to part take in were block parties  They would close down the entire block

by parking a car at each end   There was food and music were the likes you have never seen, home made

ice cream made in old fashion way with ice and rock salt,bar-b-que before it became a thing

The party started early and went to the we hrs

Everyone but everyone tied one on even if you didn’t have any string

I came to the city by way of curiosity

What I got was life experiences that couldn’t of been had without tasting what the city had to dish out

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