The Company Vaccant

The company called Vaccant

placed a dumpster

beside my Life

The order came down

it was time to take

all those objects of

the past

and throw………

The voice that spoke

said there’s

no more use

for those objects

that were

boxed and stored

But, but

No, nothing but bad

memories you still

want to cling to

The voice continues

it’s too familiar

too easy

to accept

then replace

But there’s an uncertainty

i can’t stand

with finding the new

a replacement

will i like

will it fit

Louder still the voice spoke

There’s the dumpster

now fill

You were

a child who needed

more from life

than your child was willing to accept

So instead of

life toys

that got put

into boxes

This dumpster we put

now wants you to..

For companys vacant dumpster

is better than what

you had

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