The Family

I never thought about this before wordpress

The family full of freaks

Taken pictures  drawing pictures written words

All one family all who are mine

I can’t say how it happen

Cause I wasn’t around when it was conceived

But I’m a brother from another mother

Now it’s all in the family it’s all WordPress

What else is there if not this blog was mine

I have all these brother and sisters

With all different last names

It’s all in the family it’s wordpress

I’m getting lost here but l have to keep going

Because it’s at least five minutes

Family that’s where it all started

It’s all because I wanted to stay with this till death do we part because it’s family

And it’s a bunch if freaks with all different last names

Ritu challenge me to do this she is a fellow blogger

You can find her at

It was a least a five minute challenge about family

With no grammar or spell check

I did one hundred thirty four words in that time limit

Thank you Ritu

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