The Little Old Italian Lady

She had a way of saying my name, her passion was in her voice

I can hear her now, it will never be the same

She would tell me to bite the cheek of the baby, in her own joking way

She spoke to me in ways that no one else could say

She was one in a million, no one else was she

She was touched by life in ways we all wished we were

She had a gift and share it with all

I was the one who knew enough to open this gift and see the beauty of all she was about

Her name was Lillian and she will be forever The Little Old Italian lady

7 thoughts on “The Little Old Italian Lady

    1. I have been blessed along the way with few who are the many. This one was very close to my heart. It has taken me a very long time to even get to this point. I’m still dealing with losing her.

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