The Lone Tree

Though it mite be the lone tree it is still surrounded by the universe;both intertwine, keeping both alive. Each are alone at times but in our loneliness we are not,there are people who will knock at the door waiting for an answer,but we can’t intrude on silence so we wait patiently, hoping, praying that silence will answer, as it was it has, we send lite to all who are in pain or can’t  speak of their loloneliness, for the tree as are we,can’t live without the universe

8 thoughts on “The Lone Tree

  1. What have you been up to
    You really dug deep
    Lots of gritty stuff
    And a lot of deep stuff
    The inter workings of Sheldon
    I am honored and humbled
    Now please tell what you think

  2. let’s slow down a moment and let me say
    That I have goodness in my life
    There are many ingredients that make the goodness up
    I have no regrets of where I’ve been
    Or the present state
    I’m not being defensive
    Or taking your comment in the wrong way
    It’s all good Kim
    You can’t control the all of life
    Life situation happen for a reason
    I’m happy joyous and free
    That what makes a good writer
    With many life experiences
    You have to suffer to sing the blues
    Thank you Kim

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