The long/short

I keep wondering why I listen to They
keep giving me all that I put into to
You have to be careful as to what you put into
mouth because you don’t know who was……..
You take the medicine they give you because you
have learn to trust But to its effectiveness it’s hit or
miss Its dark in here this whole mind of mine
Just trust me when I say What you put in is not always what you get out
I’m on some new meds
It’s driving me crazy
They keep telling me there are no side effects
I keep saying
But you don’t know my body
Just be patient with me
It’s very dark in here
Besides the fact I’ve been pushing hard these last
Couple of weeks to empty a storage space
My wife is getting ready for a routine operation
The cars are cars are all screwed up
And list is getting longer then shorter
I have a lot to be grateful for
It’s just so hard to see when there’s too much going on

11 thoughts on “The long/short

  1. I hope you do well..
    You are in my prayers.
    I wasn’t on the reader but your work is something I can never miss. .take care πŸ™‚ God bless

  2. Hello my friend
    I understand your frustration with changing meds, the waiting period to see if they will address your illness. I don’t like saying anything about someone’s doctor however the blowing you off on side effects makes me angry. Every med we put in our mouth, over the counter or RX. I’ve taken over 40 RX’s trying to control my Bipolar over the years. I currently take 4 RX’s and they work well together. I’m concerned like you about side effects, I go to manufators site if generic go to brand name company and find patient information-all the clinical trail info is there and all side effects usually in %. I also go to and look drug information up. Between the two you will have enough info to know enough and if you need to talk to doctor. I hope the info helps put you at ease.
    Take care and good luck.

    1. It’s not so much the side effects as it is the dialog that goes on between me and the Dr
      They all seem to think that they know more than I do about my body
      It drives me crazy,when I say how I’m feeling and they look at me as though I have two heads
      It’s the same thing every time
      They just do not have the ability to talk and listen
      It’s always they know more than you do
      And you are just suppose to listen and trust what they say

      1. Are you in a Socialist country? If not, what type of doctor are you seeing. I had this exact problem after many doctors that weren’t for me. I would blow a gasket if a doctor treated me like that. Is there a chance your not talking doctor language, you think they know what your saying but they interoperate differently. I ask because my doctor of 16 years had that issue in the beginning. I started keeping a mood & side effect chart everyday. Before I went in I made a talley of what stood out. After working with the chart for a month or two, we were are on the same page. He was not much of a talker and I took it as disinterest, it was his personality. He not a therapist, he needs bottom line what’s changed, what is bother you i.e. side effects, how bad are side effects and between 1-10 where is your mood. I was cycling and the chart help us see my normal was depressed not true normal and he could see I needed a change in meds. You’re not alone, I here the issues often. That doesn’t make you feel any better, just know you’re not alone. If you have any interest in looking at chart, I can find the post where I wrote about it.
        Don’t stop looking for a doctor who puts you and your health first.
        Good lunk.
        Sorry about spelling error my laptop is being a pain.

  3. I have been on a quest to find the rite Dr
    Being pro active is not easy
    As I gotten older I’ve been a lot more than I’ve been in the past
    I will stay vigilant,not settling until I find whom I am after
    Thank you for your support

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