The memory i Will Never Forget

He came in silence and left the same

A dream to let me know he is watching, to make it worth my while sleep

A visit to say hello

A reminder of of all the times we shared

It was for his love and friendship that keeps him in my dreams

Now that he is gone and I am without

A shoulder of his is mine in silence,it will remain to my left

Never will he be missed, for Danny and his laugh

“This is a special one to me, Danny was more to me than just a friend, he was a brother,a mentor,he was the all of life that I wish I still had”

4 thoughts on “The memory i Will Never Forget

  1. Thank you Andrew, I’ve been working very hard on releasing those feelings that I kept hidden for to long. I want to be free from them so l may create anew. Danny was very special to me, he open a whole new world for me to see, it’s unfortunate that he is gone but I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for him. But like I said it’s time to let this sadness go,so I may find some peace within

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