The Pain Player

Reality does play a part

But as a whole it begins

with how you see yourself

The image you project

What you are feeling

on the inside

Half the time your not aware

Your face, body

the way in which

you talk

it’s all the tell of

your pain

Some people are attached

They have a need to


If their feeling pain

They need to see it in


They’ll go as far as

pushing your buttons

just to see

how far your pain

will go

Furious isn’t a strong enough word

to describe the cycle

But pain has to have a start

in order to show it’s finish

4 thoughts on “The Pain Player

  1. These are the roads that I’ve traveled ,for now they are the paths I seek, to discover the lite that shines so that this pain is not me but from where I was so that now I can speak

  2. The pain is not me, I share in hopes that someone, somewhere sees that is pain universal, that they don’t have to be the only one, I can’t keep the lite I’ve gotten unless I give some away, this how the process works.
    Thank you Andrew for your support and encouragement

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