The Photographer

This was originally posted on February 17 2015,it happens to be one of my favorites
Everyone around me is taking photos. So l decided I was going to write about the process. I kept it as true as I could with as much information as I knew…….

As I sat and watched
sitting against
the cool large rock

It felt good
as the noon
day sun rose hard

I couldn’t take
my eyes away
it was my last….

I needed this one

A Jack rabbit stood
next to this weathered
wooden white cross

Coming from the
ground of lost

I had been walking long
patience was my only companion

The ground around the cross
was barren,unattended
nothing but good
natural light

There was something to this
nature in front,a rabbit

So curious,standing with
naked cross

I took a breath
Slowly I let it out

There the rabbit
and the cross

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