The Thrill Is Gone

BB King has died

One of the greats ,he will sadly be missed

So with that I give you…………..

The thrill is gone

The thrill is gone

a way for good

The man who

told so

many stories

He had to name

his guitar

He called her Lucille

and play it as if

they had a love gona on

He was one of the first I saw

He torn it up

and wreck what I


to be

the blues

The man was a true


and conducted his

life as he should

He will sadly be missed

The blues will never be the same

For the “B” in blues

was how he got his name

6 thoughts on “The Thrill Is Gone

  1. So sad! I love the blues and he was the best. I saw Trombone Shorty last night and he played a little blues. It was awesome.

  2. Tombstone Shorty I will have to look that one up
    Thank you Amy,I have been patiently waiting to hear from you,for reasons I can’t explain,I wish we could talk more I believe you have a lot to share

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