The Unknown

The romance of

the unknown

How comfortable

do you feel

with the


You either know how

it feels to

go with it


You are constantly

waiting for the

shoe of ncertainty

to fall

The beauty of

the moment

when you’re standing

at the

cross roads

in silence

deciding which

is your next move

There aren’t any signs

or directions

to follow to

just a

feeling in your gut

When you know

you’ve made

the rite choice

And all the romance

the highs and lows

the uncertainties

become the



I was inspired by watching the biography

of Robin Williams

They used the the phrase

The romance of the unknown

“This is for you Robin

may your laughter still be heard”

6 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. Very beautiful. It is funny, the unknown seems to be a theme today with others as well. I think I will watch his biography. What a wonderful poem for one of my favorites. May he rest in peace.

  2. Ever since he and Philip Seymour Hoffman died I haven’t been the same
    It’s hard on me because of the circumstances in which they both died
    It hit very close to home for me
    I still have a hard time watching anything related to them
    But I still respect them as the greats
    They both still inspire me with their creativity

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