20170913_085324 Clarity & resolution the process by which you learn,who’s pulling the teeth and who is the patient, the agony the ecstasy the end game achievement keeping your eye on the ball the pitch swing and follow through, designated hitter or the closer,who can get it done when it matters the most,lesson 1/ how to fall but not lose because in the learning process its A, B, C, who will be the ones to fail & have to hide their in shame,the words occupied the answers but I tried,& the answer always was its still not good enough,knowledge under,being wounded by the teachers eyes,to stand and recover,next came watching the paint dry,its always a wait-
ing game,who could paint while others watch in awe,its predisposed, always left me thinking, was this suppose to be,an awful,tasting liquard being forced to drink,learning how to fold paper into,square,was it a ……..or just
To take up time or hand eye coordination the teacher wanted to us put each arithmetic in each individual square,behind every teacher there was a student who fail deemed ” the student who never could…….. failure with sweaty
Palms,last but least i could learn without tauvth

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