This is


Those you start out with

Are not necessarily the

Ones you end up with

The medicine I am

On is fighting the

Inflammation,a battle

From w/in,at times

I’m sick to my stomach

fatigue,my mind is

On a rollercoaster

At times the itch

Will drive me insane

I am fighting this with

Everything I have

But there are still

Parts of me that need

Some more work

I have this hole in my

Nose,a deviate symptom

I go to the ENT tomorrow

The journey continues

In the all of life

Your faith is all

The hope you have

7 thoughts on “This is

  1. Best wishes, Sheldon. These circumstances can be a trial we aren’t prepared for, but I personally find my ability to accept “new normals”, which generally are “things not as good as before, but I’m alive!’, my saving grace. May you find that in yourself as well!

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