Those Tears

A child tears are always the same
Even when that child grows
Those tears are still tears
Even when if those tears
are from many years ago
Bullying just start
as its been said
I lived in its shadow
As I taught myself
what a
a day makes
Being pushed
till I fell
Yet the broken never seen
The bullseye on my chest was always cleaned
The dirt seem different back then
kept me waiting
and the game was
to see who was
going to
pick me last
Those times
never changed
Even if the school did
Those tears
from years ago
As though
never passed
As the bullseye
is a target
waiting for the next test

10 thoughts on “Those Tears

  1. When it comes to still remembering and feeling bad about bullying incidents from school, I know exactly what you mean.The days I walked out of elementary school and then high school for the last time were two of the happiest of my life.

  2. Just read your comment 🙂
    How are you SHELDON? ??
    take care of yourself. .
    I hope everything goes well. Please take care
    I hope to be regular one visiting your blogs 🙂

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