Tipping point


I wasn’t finished running

I sat hoping the phone

Would ring,in my mind

It had,but silence was the

ringer now,reality had become

A once step,now both feet

Were all in,I was just

where I once was only

This time it was too intense

Looking for my stash

to the point of ripping

the couch up…….

Stopping were for watches

I was only interested

reinventing,what i

wore on a wrist I had

no more time,accept

Bad fingers, counting on

My fingers I visualizing

addition & subtraction

all in one hand,I wasn’t at

peace,I was in acculturation

6 thoughts on “Tipping point

  1. Your artwork is fantastic! So surreal. Is it a new piece?
    Your poetry is outrageous, yet I can relate to it, because first and foremost, I’m a freak. Lol. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve imagined my phone ringing in my head. xo

  2. Super new? cutout..love it.
    Your words..stunning …and ringtones…what a nightmare..I hear them in the middle to the night..wake up to silence. Disturbing. Good to hear I am not alone, nor are you. xx

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