To All My Followers

Tonite ,Friday 2/6/15  6-8:30 I have a show at the Buck County Community College

I have Two pieces . I always get so excited, I’m still a kid at heart, like anticipation of Christmas morning, the joy of it all, so this is my 7th one,got my fingers crossed to sell one, it would be grand.The two that are in the show are in the post from August 25,there are rite under Philip Seymour Hoffman,it’s the two that are black and white, not the one sitting alone,thank you all for your support and encouragement

As always Sheldon

Wish me…………..

17 thoughts on “To All My Followers

  1. You guys are just to much you bring tears of joy to my eyes, I just wish you were all here so that we could all celebrate, but you will be in spirit, which is more powerful,then………..

  2. Sheldon, so excited for you! We will be there right there with you in spirit. I just know that people will adore them and be inspired. By your art and by you. Sending you with kisses, muah and love. Waiting in anticipation to hear all about it.
    All our love, xxx

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